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GRC software in the Business

As a business executive you’re responsible for being in control . You’re in the 1st Line of Defence. easy2comply – GRC software will assist and guide you to be in control, while spending less and improving more – Learn more..

GRC software for Experts

Whether you’re a risk manager, compliance officer, security officer or quality manager. You’re in the 2nd Line of defence. Your job is to assist the business in achieving its goals and easy2comply’s is to assist you. – Learn more..

GRC software for Auditors

The internal auditor has to mirror the activities of business and GRC experts to assure that what have been said has been done. You’re in the 3rd Line of Defence easy2comply will make planning and performing your audits easy – Learn more..

Certification / Inspection software

The most complete certification and/or inspection software in the market for certification and inspection bodies and regulators Both easy2certify and easy2inspect will make planning and performing your certifications and inspections easy – Learn more..

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