Our DNA statement is our characteristic to rapidly and constantly reinvent and adapt ourselves. We feel at home in rapidly changing circumstances always determined to reach our goal.
Our entrepreneurial roots and mindset have been driving us to serve entrepreneurial businesses with information technology since 2002. We support people in being in control of their business and in having the freedom to concentrate on what is important to them.


Based on our DNA, which defines who we are, our customer manifesto explains what we do and why we do it.
We thrive to excel on customer intimacy by aligning our customer identity with a GRC strategy respecting and following that very identity. We understand your mindset, how you collaborate within your business community and the GRC structure you need to achieve results.

With this knowledge we provide software solutions that support every GRC activity and give ral-time insight into your entire business. This gives you the freedom to successfully address challenges and opportunities, creating value for our customers and for yourself.


In 2002, Dynasec was founded as an Dutch / Israeli initiative. With an entrepreneurial spirit a small team worked on a proposition making Information Security Dynamic. Our ambitious goal was: to make compliance with Information Security standards as dynamic as the world where it serves in. For this we developed our first software: SecuritiveTM. After more than a decennium, our DNA and entrepreneurial spirit still reflect those at our early days. Today we are a GRC solution provider with a global presence.