Dynasec has recently started a partnership with Rsam, which helps organizations overcome the daily challenges of managing risk and compliance.

Where risk and compliance automation has a reputation for being inflexible, time consuming to implement and quickly outdated, Rsam is refreshingly, unusually, easy to manage. Completely configurable (no programming required). And ready to evolve as business and compliance requirements change.



Dynasec and Check Point have been strategic partners since 2012. This relationship is unique in that Check Point acquired the Israeli part of Dynasec and with that the intellectual property of the easy2comply software, reaching a far broader audience in the IT-GRC area.



With our partnership with Yellowfin BI, Dynasec is brining the most sophisticated Business Intelligence together with GRC expertise. Customers with above-average reporting needs can benefit from Yellowfin’s advanced reporting solution, which are embedded in Rsam.

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