Dynasec takes responsibility for the design and implementation of the GRC software. During the realisation we carry out both technical and functional aspects of the GRC implementation.

    The approach we use is based on Prince2 and a significant number of years of GRC project management experiences.


    Dynasec supports in developing and drafting an In Control vision in general, or specifically focused on Risk Management, Internal Control, Compliance, Quality Management and Information Security. This vision ensures that all your assurance activities operate from one common (integrated) framework.

    Our aim is to get you In Control in the most professional and cost-effective way.


    The strength of Dynasec’s solutions is the many ways in which the integration of frameworks of standards and controls, risks, processes and objects can be realized. By using an internal risk register, the frameworks of quality standards (e.g. ISO27001, COBIT and ITIL) can be merged into one integrated framework of standards.

    Due to this integration, the effort of the interrogation takes off but let users retain any of the desired view with controls that are mainly known by the organisation.


    In order to make the impact of the switch to a powerful (integrated) GRC tool internal as limited as possible, we often use the current situation as a starting point. Existing risk and control registers are practically one on one adopted or where they do not exist only established on operational risk and control level.

    Also, our implementation consultants are senior on the GRC content and processes. Change management is an important part of our methodology.

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